trying out hp paint.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Before 2013 gets away from me/us

Hello Dear Reader of December 9, 2013 (and beyond):

It has been awhile since I partook in this particular endeavor. Are blogs passé? I'm not sure...nor do I care. It continues to serve (in its vehicular manner) as a means of transporting my thoughts and ideas to you. Whilst I continue to search for "le job" to keep "le cash" flowing inwards and maintaining a residence, this blog has politely taken the back seat in said vehicle.

Just for the record, I continue to be a good man, and seek out the best in entertainment and fine/modern/contemporary art stimuli. So that I can absorb it into my being and (for lack of a better term) regurgitate it in the form of some painting, drawing, musical noodle (gotta work on those as well) and animated bit (hand-drawn style, thank you very much) for you.

Also, the elusive love muse needs I never set out to make this journey alone.

So, just a quick blog entry to let you know that I still check in, care, and will rev it up again (sooner rather than later).

Cheers. Don't forget to rest and get plenty of fluids.

Over and Out ('til next time),

Your Humbled Warrior for All (Most) Things Good, Proper and Decent,


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