trying out hp paint.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year end Wrap up 2011 pt.2

I could reiterate that which is out there on the web (almost everything) regarding noteworthy passings...but I won't, other than to say: Mick Karn, Poly Styrene, Sam Rivers, Leonora Carrington, Helen Frankenthaler, Vince C. (Buzzco). I know that I'm forgetting several people here.

Anyway, back to the progress thing. I have been working on several pieces of animation, completed (and framed!!!) several paintings, and still (as always) noodling/doodling in music.

The search for the elusive earthbound muse continues, and I have not been soured (based upon previous experiences).

Champagne and Revelry-u-Lotion!! Onwards to 2012 and beyond...

Year end Wrap up 2011 pt.1

Well, as you know the blogposts here are all too infrequent. Perhaps I should get a little more involved in this, since this is the world in which we (now) live.

2011 has been an unusual year, in that certain progress has been made (on the creative front) while in other areas it has been lacking (steady income/employment).

But enough of this...since I AM the eternal optimist.

Hope springs eternal, or something like that.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011


I might be stating the obvious here...and others have probably said it more eloquently. The importance of networking. I find myself in job search mode these days, and attend many events and social gatherings (of a very broad range). I have friends and colleagues across so many disciplines, which is good as I have diverse interests.

Many of us do social networking. That's fine. Of equal importance (to me) is actually meeting and conversing with people thru traditional means. So, that's why you'll often see me at screenings, gallery openings, conventions, panel discussions, lectures, symposiums, etc.

What's to come from all of this? Connections, friendships, opportunities, time well spent.

If you see me out there w/ a bandaged's a result of pounding the pavement. 

RIP Poly Styrene

Just want to add my name to the (virtual) list of those who thought the lyrics and singing of Poly Styrene (solo and lead vocalist of X-ray Spex) were wonderful. From what I have read, Poly was trained as an opera singer...and it shows. In addition to the delivery, the lyrics were witty and insightful, offering an unique commentary on society and consumerism.

It's very sad that she is gone...her funeral just took place yesterday...

I'm thankful for what she contributed.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Way Overdue

Hello. I've seen other blogs in which the blogger adopts a confessional tone, apologizing for their lack of blogging activity. They apologize for not being a diarist. Is part of the blogosphere attitude that I (for instance) should post regularly? Well, there won't be regular blog postings on here. There's no need for it. I won't waste your precious time (I mean that sincerely) with moments of trivia.

Originally, I was going to start off this blog w/ tales of a wild Halloween evening. Then I hesitated...because there's no shortage of photos and accounts of revelry from that night. The club that I went to shall remain nameless. The entertainment promised did not materialize. The bartenders, bouncers and deejay seemed a) annoyed to be working and b) see a. The night overall was not wild (for me)...and in retrospect perhaps I should have hung out w/ the two attractive women (waving a rainbow flag) and saying how much they loved me (prior to arrival at club).

Instead, I held off with a blogpost...and rightly so, as people around the globe (Earth) have had their world (literally) turned upside-down. we're all adults here...I'll try to keep up with this, maintain an air of optimism (whenever possible) and try not to condescend to anyone.