trying out hp paint.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year end Wrap up 2011 pt.2

I could reiterate that which is out there on the web (almost everything) regarding noteworthy passings...but I won't, other than to say: Mick Karn, Poly Styrene, Sam Rivers, Leonora Carrington, Helen Frankenthaler, Vince C. (Buzzco). I know that I'm forgetting several people here.

Anyway, back to the progress thing. I have been working on several pieces of animation, completed (and framed!!!) several paintings, and still (as always) noodling/doodling in music.

The search for the elusive earthbound muse continues, and I have not been soured (based upon previous experiences).

Champagne and Revelry-u-Lotion!! Onwards to 2012 and beyond...

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