trying out hp paint.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year end Wrap up 2011 pt.2

I could reiterate that which is out there on the web (almost everything) regarding noteworthy passings...but I won't, other than to say: Mick Karn, Poly Styrene, Sam Rivers, Leonora Carrington, Helen Frankenthaler, Vince C. (Buzzco). I know that I'm forgetting several people here.

Anyway, back to the progress thing. I have been working on several pieces of animation, completed (and framed!!!) several paintings, and still (as always) noodling/doodling in music.

The search for the elusive earthbound muse continues, and I have not been soured (based upon previous experiences).

Champagne and Revelry-u-Lotion!! Onwards to 2012 and beyond...

Year end Wrap up 2011 pt.1

Well, as you know the blogposts here are all too infrequent. Perhaps I should get a little more involved in this, since this is the world in which we (now) live.

2011 has been an unusual year, in that certain progress has been made (on the creative front) while in other areas it has been lacking (steady income/employment).

But enough of this...since I AM the eternal optimist.

Hope springs eternal, or something like that.