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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Friday, May 13, 2011


I might be stating the obvious here...and others have probably said it more eloquently. The importance of networking. I find myself in job search mode these days, and attend many events and social gatherings (of a very broad range). I have friends and colleagues across so many disciplines, which is good as I have diverse interests.

Many of us do social networking. That's fine. Of equal importance (to me) is actually meeting and conversing with people thru traditional means. So, that's why you'll often see me at screenings, gallery openings, conventions, panel discussions, lectures, symposiums, etc.

What's to come from all of this? Connections, friendships, opportunities, time well spent.

If you see me out there w/ a bandaged's a result of pounding the pavement. 

RIP Poly Styrene

Just want to add my name to the (virtual) list of those who thought the lyrics and singing of Poly Styrene (solo and lead vocalist of X-ray Spex) were wonderful. From what I have read, Poly was trained as an opera singer...and it shows. In addition to the delivery, the lyrics were witty and insightful, offering an unique commentary on society and consumerism.

It's very sad that she is gone...her funeral just took place yesterday...

I'm thankful for what she contributed.