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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Pursuant to a convo...

Okay, the 2012 year end wrap up will have to wait. For now, I'd like to write about something that came up as a result of a posting of an artwork image. Rather than post that image (which might actually distract), I thought it better to stick with words (this time). Let me just say that in general, I do not want my artwork fully explained. By "my artwork" that includes artwork, film, poetry and music (either created by me or someone else). I want there to be some mystery to it. I'll gladly accept or point out certain hints and directions the work is pointing in, but I don't want to know everything from the outset. I want to discover it, place my own interpretation on it, be thrilled and perhaps confused by it. When no meaning is placed upon a work, several can be entertained (often at once).

 A tree is a tree is a tree. But, especially if abstraction is involved, it may be more than a tree, or perhaps not even a tree at all. And isn't that what you want from your abstract art? A little mystery? Isn't that more involving? Make the spectator do a little work.

A big thrill for me is when someone tells me what they think I was getting at or depicting in an artwork. Even if they get it totally wrong (of what I intended to convey), I usually just walk away and let 'em go on thinking what they wanted to. Plus, it's entertaining.

Of course, to be honest, some have gotten it so wrong that I've had to steer them in a clearer direction. So in conclusion, in the same way that song lyrics are often misheard, so too can artwork be misunderstood. And we are better as an abstract society for it.

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