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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pictures at an Explanation # 2

Claudette enjoys a Robert Cola. Collage, pencils on paper (magazine).
Uncertain of exact date...let's say 1987.

What is collage? What are magazines? Who are celebrities? What is meant by product placement? What can be called art for that matter?

These are all valid and important questions...none of which will be answered here. More importantly (for the moment), is this piece of art entitled (see above caption). I am not overly familiar with the body of Claudette Colbert's work, although her body was quite fetching in the milk bath scene in The Sign of the Cross. However, if you are going to be a purist when making collage art, you have to fall back on your instincts and just grab whatever strikes your fancy. So, in this case, I found an image of Claudette in soda-pop mode, and thought it might be cool to put her in a setting that had nothing to do with the original image. I found an image (Morocco?) and voila, put 'em together. Hand-colored Claudette (colored pencils) and attached a photocopy of a high contrast image of yours truly as the soda label icon. Hence the Robert Cola. This is the original version, as evidenced by the deteriorating paper throughout. I used a color copy of this in a larger piece (below).

 Claudette enjoys a Robert Cola in the midst of the Cola Wars. Acrylic and collage on linen, 1993.

I am not advocating the consumption of soda, nor am I a big fan of product placement. In a movie, for example, it's a distraction, unless it is there as a commentary on product placement itself. So, I would say if you are going to make a purchase, use that extra income towards original art.

Art instead of soda. There, I said it.

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